The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (2024)

The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (1)

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We’re a few years into pop culture’s obsession with microdosing-as-wellness and all things shroom. In record time, the world of psilocybin or “mushroom” products has become difficult to navigate for… almost everyone. It’s a big old confusing melange of brands offering to help your brain in a multitude of ways.

Does this gummy have magic mushrooms in it? Adaptogen mushrooms? Functional mushrooms? Couldn’t magic mushrooms also be adaptogens that are functional? Could adaptogens be psychedelic? Could they be functional?

In simpler times, the word mushroom in front of a product (especially gummies or chocolates) meant consumables that contained cubensis, the type of mushrooms we think of as “shrooms,” which are high in the chemical psilocybin, which makes us trip out. But in the current legal gray zone that these brands still operate in, and with the market still unregulated, plus many legal brands wanting align with psychedelics for marketing purposes, it can be difficult to tell exactly what is going on with any given product on the market. Especially when the majority of brands are intentionally deceptive — whether to evade law enforcement, to confuse their consumers, or just to seem cooler than they actually are.

Like any semi-legal drug that gets blasted from the underground to the mainstream very loudly and all at once, an onslaught of money-grab products with questionable ingredients renders the newly minted market extra confusing. That said, I want to set a few things straight about this list, navigating the market, and consuming these kinds of products.

  1. The mushrooms that make you trip out in a traditional “shrooming” sense are called psilocybe cubensis. The chemical that makes you trip out, in the traditional sense of “shrooming,” is called psilocybin. When people say “fruiting bodies,” they are referring to the actual mushrooms themselves, as these are the fruits of mycelial webs in the soil whose function is to spread spores like a fruit spreads seeds for a tree.
  2. Within cubensis, there are different strains like Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy (APE), Golden Teacher, Pearly Gates, and so on. Strains vary in appearance and levels of psilocybin, the latter of which dictates potency. For more on mushroom strains, check out this extensive explainer I wrote.
  3. Do not fully rely on dosing guidelines. What might be a microdose to one person, could cause hallucinations for someone else. How your body reacts to the mushrooms depends on many internal and external factors known as “set and setting.” Also, it’s not all brands have safeguards to know exactly how much active ingredient is getting into each gummy or piece of chocolate. While the amount of mg per total package is usually accurate, it can vary dramatically piece-to-piece depending on how well the ingredients are mixed, etc. Always start slow and build up. You can always take more, but you can never take less.
  4. It’s a goddamn minefield out there. Please proceed with caution. Not all of the “mushroom” gummies on the market, especially those sold legally, include fruiting bodies or psilocybin at all. Many like to align with the hype but don’t want the legal hassles.
  5. This is a list you can trust. Journalists like me care way more about your experience being positive than the people who financially benefit from marketing their products to you. You have my word that each one of these brands produces consistent and safe spirit-medicine-quality products.

Now, let’s get started. Here are the best magic mushroom gummies on and fruit chews on the (gray) market.

Super Fung!

The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (3)

Why We Love It:

From their punk art branding to their homegrown ingredients, Super Fung is super cool. The psilo-arm of Super Chill, a beloved edibles brand in the cannabis space, is run by a husband-and-wife team who are plant people to the core. The importance of this cannot be overestimated. You want the people creating your medicine to care about the medicine itself more than the money they’re going to make from it.

Not only do they grow the fruits and herbs featured in their products in their garden or source from local farms, but they design the packaging and all the branding/marketing as well.

Available in either psilocybin-only or a mix of 200mg psilo and 5mg cannabis from high-quality rosin, these fruit chews are delicious and potent. Some of my favorites so far are the Golden Teacher Tangerine and Nebula Black Cherry.

Bottom Line:

From ingredients to vibes, these are some of the best products on the market. From my experience, they are more geared toward someone familiar with tripping, especially the jellies that contain rosin.

More info here.


The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (4)

Why We Love It:

Psilo is probably the most popular microdose gummy brand out there, paving the way for other new brands to take flight when things were first getting going in the space.

They’ve had major staying power in a market that’s in constant flux due to an extremely consistent product (especially in terms of dosing, which is hard) that is best geared for mental clarity and productivity, unless of course you take too many and end up awash in a sea of fractal goo.

I’ve been using these crystalline sugar-covered cubes as a stimulant/focus enhancement tool for years, as have many other counterculture journalists I know. They also do a great day-to-night transition. You can eat one or two during the day to focus, then eat a couple more at happy hour after to make things even happier.

Bottom Line:

Consistent microdoses for the worker bee who likes to party.

More info here.


The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (5)

Why We Love It:

Aside from being cute as hell, these microdosed mushroom marshmallows have soared in popularity among my friends, especially appealing to new users for their light-hearted, giggly high, and nostalgic Mario-esque form.

Made with no gross ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, these little marshmallow shroomies are dosed at just above a micro — so you won’t need more than three for a fun time.

The ethos of the brand is using their product to commune with nature, hit the trails, and enjoy living. As an avid nature girl, I can confirm these are great for all of those things because they never leave you feeling overwhelmed or too introspective, both of which can backfire when you’re alone in the woods.

Bottom Line:

Great for hiking, camping, and enjoying friends.

More info here.


The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (6)

Why We Love It:

Ceremony is one of the only brands on the market with an effect-based angle, a smart move that’s ahead of its time. All of their products, including their excellent sea-moss gummies, come in two forms: Ascend or Descend.

Ascend is uplifting and outward-facing, while Descend is relaxing and more introspective. This effect-based product genre is booming in the cannabis industry right now, so mushroom products are sure to follow, as lots of newer consumers are looking for a little more control as they enter this scary new headspace.

My personal Ceremony favorite is the Citrus Hibiscus Synthesis from the Ascend line, which features 200mg of fruiting body, organic hibiscus tea, and Irish sea moss (both of which have their own medicinal benefits). The gummies left me feeling bright, hopeful, and in a word, vital.

Ceremony’s commitment to high-quality ingredients and strain-specific fruiting bodies is admirable in this current wash of lames. They’re heavy on the intention aspect of consumption (as their IG proves) and they clearly view the micro and macrodosing experiences as… well… a ceremony.

Bottom Line:

Great for newer users looking to feel more confident as they enter the vortex.

More info here.

Micro Melts

The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (7)

Why We Love It:

Micro Melts are created by some of the best medicine makers in Humboldt and produce one of the sparkliest, most enjoyable highs I’ve ever experienced.

That being said, they’re more geared for an experienced tripper, especially since they also have hash in them.

These are harder to come by on the market since they’re a labor of love from one of the best mushroom brands in the game and some heady weed peeps, so transparency isn’t exactly the objective.

The product was created with the idea of trying to design the ultimate antidepressant. Each of its creators deals with depression in different ways and wanted to extend the idea of microdosing mushrooms into the cannabis realm, as it might just result in actual joy, as opposed to a lack of depression.

Guess what, it worked!

Bottom Line:

Fantastic, uplifting high that is as great for brightening dull days as it is for enjoying fun nights.

Sacred Fruits Magic Carpets

The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (8)

Why We Love It:

Sacred Fruits is one of the best fruiting body brands in the biz. Their mushrooms are consistently excellent and beloved amongst the snootiest connoisseurs in the industry.

These Magic Carpets are their foray into the edible product market. With 2 grams of mushrooms in each natural fruit roll-up, these are not for the novice or the faint of heart.

I love this brand because they produced a product that is explicitly designed to get you f*cking high! There are more than enough micro-dosed brands on the market, and not enough new users to buy them all. These brands forget the people who really buy mushrooms are the ones who really DO MUSHROOMS.

So shout out to Sacred Fruits for making a product for the actual trippers to trip the f*ck out on.

Bottom Line:

They’re a genie in a bottle, baby.

More info here.

Synergy Candy Co

The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (9)

Why We Love It:

Synergy focuses on the actual mushrooms inside of the product, which all brands should be doing, but all too few are. These microdosed psilocybin gummies are hand-crafted in Humboldt and feature unique varieties of mushrooms sourced from expert mycologists, ensuring each batch is not only strain-specific but provides a high-quality psychedelic experience.

Their attention to detail shines in their production process. Synergy uses a solventless hot water process to extract the psilocybin, kind of like a big mushroom tea, which I believe is one of the best ways to consume mushrooms. The cellulose fibers of the mushroom cell walls are often what lead to nausea and sickness associated with consumption, so liberating the psilocybin from its natural state is a great way to have a smoother physical experience.

Bottom Line:

The headiest of the heady. If you can get ‘em, try ‘em.

More info here.


The Best Magic Mushroom-Based Gummies On The (Gray) Market (10)

Why We Love It:

Psilouette is one of the chicest and most accessible gummy brands out there. They have an in-house chemist and a Michelin-starred chef who create a wide array of precisely-dosed products, making consumers’ first foray into the mush-world a luxurious breeze.

From micro doses to macro doses, aphrodisiacs to Staments stacks, their website has a warm yet clinical feel that will probably characterize the mushroom product mainstream as it materializes in coming years. My personal favorites are their undetectably psychedelic psilo/lion’s mane blend called Stamets Stack (pioneered by famed mycologist Paul Stamets), as well as their high potency Macro series.

Bottom Line:

The clinical-yet-approachable future of mushroom consumables.

More info here.

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